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I am Saransh Bhardwaj.

An 18 years old part-time blogger who loves to write.

I started this blog on November 24, 2018, after buying the domain glimptech.com using a virtual credit card because I did not have any credit card at that time.

The main reason for starting this blogging is the hobby of writing. When I started this blog I did not good enough in English but still, I started writing articles and publishing them on my blog.

Trust me, if you are not very good at English, don’t worry, just start writing, if you write, what will happen most, will make mistakes, but remember that you will make mistakes only then you will learn to write.

Mission of our blog

Here at glimptech.com, we love helping people, so through our blog, we want to provide every helpful guide and tutorial to help people solve their problems.

On glimptech.com you will find all the answers to your question in a simple way. All our articles are written in a simple way and we do not use any complicated words so that everyone can read and understand them easily.

We know that most of your questions are Begin with “how to?”. Therefore, you will find how-to guides and tutorials mostly on our blog. These how-to guides can be related to blogging, YouTube, Android, Windows and more.

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