10 Simple Tactics To Generate Blog Post Ideas

In this post, we are going to share 10 simple Tactics to generate blog post ideas.

If you are blogging on a regular basis then you’ll get more traffic and Visitors and that’s great. But the worse thing is that when you sit in front of your computer for Writing posts a Question always arises to your mind that “What to write about ?”

But you are not alone who are struggling to come up with new topic ideas to write about. There are many newbies who have just got started blogging, they also have to face this problem.

Therefore, if you want your mind to be filled with new topic ideas, then you will love this guide.

10 Simple Tactics To Generate Blog Post Ideas

1. Find new topic ideas on Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a great tool Which analyzes what content is performing the best for any topic or competitor.

It helps you to find the most shared content on a topic, that can help you consider the right topic for your blog post.

It lets you know about the topics that people want to share.

Enter the topic in the search bar about which you want to find the most shared posts.


You have to do is just analyze the results which will come after you search for a topic.


The best strategy I have for you is, first analyze the most shared post in the results and then create a much better Version of that most shared post.

2. Take help of Quora

Quora is a question-and-answer website where People can ask questions and give answers, But Do you Know it is a treasure of Amazing blog post ideas.it saves lots of our time which we spend on finding the topic ideas for our blog post

First of all, you have to Search your topic or keyword on the search bar.


In response, you will get tons of most asked question related to your topic and keyword.


These results are enough for you to come up with amazing blog post ideas

3. Use Google trends to find out Trending Topics

Google Trends can help you to find trending topics for your blog posts.

It shows you the top search queries on google search across various regions and languages.

It also helps you to analyze your topic or keyword whether it is performing well in Google search or not.

To analyze your keyword or topics on which you want to write about, you just need to type that keyword or topic in the search bar.


After typing your keyword or Topic, You will get a full Analysis report of your topic or keyword


The graph shows us the searches on our topic which have held on past 12 months. the high peaks of the graph show the most searches on our topic.

However, if we scroll down the page, you will see the Topics and Queries related to your topic.


You can also use these related queries and topics to come up with amazing blog post ideas

4. Use Google Keyword Planner

You may have heard about Google Keyword Planner and used it too. It’s a tool of Google which helps us to find the keywords that are most searched on Google.

But do you know this can help us in addition to searching keywords, you can also use it to find great blog post ideas.

Enter the words or phrases that you want to search using keyword planner.


After searching the words or phrases you will get results organized into a table.


For Finding A Perfect topic idea you have to focus on keyword (by relevance) column. In Keyword relevance column you will find the queries which people search most on google.

You may also want to consider the “Avg. monthly searches ” Column which shows the average monthly searches on a particular Keyword.

So, the thing you have to do is just enter a topic in the keyword planner which people search most on google and after you will get Results related to your Topic.

Just target a topic from these results which have the highest monthly searches and have low competition.

You can use these types of topics to write about on your blog because these topics have more chances to rank on google.

For Example:- Let Suppose you want to write about a topic related to “SEO“, So, you have to do is simply Search the term “SEO” in keyword planner and you will get many results related to SEO. You have to just pick a related topic from the results which have the highest monthly searches and have low competition.

In my case, I have chosen “SEO marketing” which have 1k-10k monthly searches and low competition.


5. Use Social Animal

Similar to Buzzsumo, Social Animal is also a great tool that analyzes which content is performing the best for any topic or competitor.

But do you know that it can help us in addition to finding the most shared Content, It lets you find deep insights about a topic.

Just Enter a Topic In the Search Bar


You will get results that are quite similar to buzzsumo.


Social Animal Provides us the deep insights of our topic, It tells us Which is the best day to post?, What title length should I consider?, How long should my article be? and many other factors that help to increase the impact of your post.

But the thing that makes Social Animal different from others is its ability to analyze the headlines of posts. You can also use this Feature of Social Animal for creating an effective headline for your blog post.

To Analyze A Blog Post Headline Just Click on the weighing scale icon and you will get a full analysis Report of that Headline.


It Breakdowns the headline and provides deep Insights about it. These details Will Help us to understand how to make an effective Headline for our blog post.


6. Use Hubspot’s Topic Generator tool

If You Want A Tool That Will helps you to come up with great topic ideas for your blog post, then Hubspot’s Topic Generator is perfect for you.

Enter up to five Keywords or Topic for Generating blog topic ideas


Add More related Topic Before generating The topic Ideas and then click on “Give me Blog Ideas“.


After Clicking on “Give me Blog Ideas.” the Tool will give You 5 Topic Ideas To write about.

But If you want More Topic Ideas Then There is another option ” A Year Of Blog Ideas ” is available, But before you can access it, you have to unlock it


To unlock it you have to click on “Unlock 250 More Blog Ideas” and it will ask you to create an account, after completing this process you will able to get access on these 250 blog ideas.

7. Use Answer The Public to Get tons of Topic Ideas

Answer the public is A freemium tool that helps you to find the most Asked Questions related to your topic.

For getting the help of AnswerThePublic to come up with amazing blog post ideas, You just enter Your Topic in the search bar and hit “Get Questions” button.


After that, it will take you to a next page which will show you tons of questions related to your topic that people ask most.


You can switch the appearance between Visualisation view or Data view (It Depends On You)

So, these questions are enough to help you come up with amazing topic ideas for your blog post. You can also download them in both types of Appearance (Visualisation view or Data view) for analyzing each of them.


To Download Them in Your Computer Just Click on “Download CSV” Button for Downloading in .csv format or you can download the image by clicking on “Save Image” option.

8. Use Google News for Trending Topic Ideas

We all know that the news keeps us updated about the things and activities happening All over the world.

But Do you know that it can also help us as a topic idea generator for our blog post? The news is the best source which we can use to get trending topic ideas.

To Come Up With Trending Topic ideas We can use Google News, Because Google News Provides Us latest and trending News about Technology, Health, Entertainment, Sports etc By Fetching the Data From thousands of News websites.

To Use Google News You just need to type a topic in the Search bar


On the results page, you will get results related to your topic, on any of which you can write your blog post


9. Research Google autosuggest results

When we struggle to come up with topic ideas, at that time we take help of Google. We search on Google for various strategies, methods, tools that can help us come up with various blog post ideas.

But Do You Know there Is a Tool That Can Save your lots of time which you spend in searching for different strategies, methods, and tools.

That Tool is none other than Google itself. Yes, Google can help us to generate amazing topic Ideas for our blog post.

So, the thing You need to do is just Open an “incognito window” in your Browser and do a google search for a topic you are interested in. When you do, Google will autosuggest the keyword phrases related to your topic which people search most.

these phrases which google autosuggest when you search for a topic are perfect to turn into blog post titles

For example:- when you type in “Best WordPress” into google here’s the autosuggest results you see:


You could write a post like 10 best WordPress themes, 10 best WordPress Hosting etc.

10. Check relevant online communities

Online Communities like Forums, Facebook groups are excellent ways to come up with amazing blog post ideas.

There are thousands of forums and Facebook groups are available. Forums are basically discussion platforms, they are of different types like SEO forums, WordPress forums, Marketing forums etc,

So, the question arises that “how to take help of forums to come up with the topic ideas?

The Answer is Simple First, choose a topic on which you are interested to write about, let Suppose I choose WordPress, after that just go to a relevant WordPress forum (like WordPress forum) and pick the questions that people ask most. You can Turn these question into topic ideas after analyzing them.


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So, I hope that the tactics which I have shared with you to generate blog post ideas will help you to come up with the amazing topic ideas for your blog post.

If you want to keep your mind filled with amazing Topic ideas for your Blog Post then try to keep yourself updated.

Reading Comments of your readers is also a great way to come up with the best topic ideas and It also helps to Figure out what your readers want.

Let us Know Your favorite Strategies in the comment section below which you use to come up with Blog Post Ideas.


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