How to Download YouTube Videos

By | August 1, 2019

Youtube is the world’s largest free online video sharing platform where we can watch and share videos, but some of us want to download videos from YouTube to watch offline.

Downloading videos is a great way to keep your favorite YouTube videos offline on your pc. This way you can watch your favorite videos anytime, anywhere.

There are thousands of ways to download videos from YouTube are available including YouTube, Youtube itself has a program through which we can easily download any videos from YouTube.

In this guide, we will explain the easiest way to download videos from YouTube to your pc in any format you want.

Is it legal to download youtube videos?

Downloading videos from YouTube is against YouTube’s terms of service. According to YouTube’s terms of service, you do not have permission to download any content, unless you see the “Downloads” or similar option displayed by YouTube under the video. But it doesn’t mean that you will be penalized if you download any content from youtube for personal use.

How to download YouTube videos to a PC

It’s very easy to download any video from YouTube All you have to do is just follow these simple steps, which are mentioned below.

1. Download 4K Video Downloader

First of all, you have to download and install this amazing application 4K video downloader. It is completely free and available for Windows PC. It supports all popular sites including YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion and more.

4K Video Downloader allows you to download videos in any format, including 3D and 360° videos. Along with this, you can also download the entire YouTube playlist and channel.

2. Copy and paste the URL of your video


Open YouTube and copy the URL of the video you want to download. Then open your 4K video downloader and paste the video URL by clicking on the green “Paste Link” button.

The software automatically grabs all the information about your video and will show you a choice of video quality options.

The quality options vary depending on the quality in which the original video was uploaded on YouTube. Let suppose if a video is uploaded in 4K quality on YouTube, then the software will automatically show all the quality option up to 4K.

3. Select the quality and format

Now, you have to choose your preferred quality and format types for your video in which you want to download it in your pc.

Apart from this, 4K video downloader also shows some other options, like through it you can extract the audio from the video and download it to your PC.

It also allows you to choose your preferred destination, where your downloaded videos will be saved. You have to click on the “Browse” button to choose your preferred destination.

4. Download your youtube video


After you have chosen your desired format and quality for your video, then just simply click on the “Download” button.

Now your video will start downloading, You can see the progress of your video from downloading page.

Along with this, you can pause, resume and cancel your downloading video at any time directly from 4K Video Downloader.

5. Use smart mode


If you regularly download videos from YouTube, then this feature of 4K video downloader will help you to save your lots of time.

It allows you to choose your preferred format, quality and directory for only one time, so that you don’t need to choose quality and format type each time you download a video.

This means you can easily download any video only in a single click.

Join YouTube Premium to download videos

YouTube Premium is a paid subscription service from YouTube. It provides additional benefits for YouTube users.

With YouTube Premium, you can access popular youtube services including YouTube Music, YouTube Originals, YouTube Kids and more

It also includes Ad-Free videos, play in the background and also the legal authority to download YouTube videos for offline watching.

Remember, you can only save or download any YouTube videos only in your YouTube app, you cannot move the video to other devices.

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