How to take a Screenshot in Windows – Step-by-Step Guide

In this article, you will learn how to take a screenshot in your windows PC. Screenshots are very useful when you need technical support or you want to capture a great moment on your PC. Screenshots are photos of your computer screen.

There are several ways to take screenshots in Windows, but here we will discuss some easy ways

How to Take a Screenshot in Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7

Microsoft Provided A Snipping Tool in his Window Operating System Especially for taking Screenshots. This tool allows us to take 4 Different types of Screenshots.


1. Free From Snip:- Using this option You will able to take Free-Form Screenshot of your computer screen.

2. Rectangular Snip:- This Option Helps you to take a rectangular screenshot of your computer screen.

3. Window Snip:- This Option helps you to take a screenshot of your active window.

4. Full-Screen Snip:- This option helps you to take an entire screenshot of your computer screen.

Steps for Taking a Screenshot On A Computer Screen

1. Open your Snipping Tool. If you’re using window 7 and window 10 then type “Snipping Tool” into the search box and select it from the search results and if you using you’re using window 8 or 8.1 then simply swipe your mouse cursor to the right edge of the computer screen From There select the “Search” option and Search “Snipping Tool” By typing it in the search box and select snipping tool from the coming results.

2. Select a snip type by clicking on “Mode” option which you want to use to take a screenshot.

3. Then after you capture your snip, just click on “Save Snap” and after that choose a file name and file type and then simply click on “Save” option.

How to take a screenshot of an Active Window

A shortcut is available to you if you want to take a screenshot of your current active window. All you have to do is press “Alt+PrtSc” On some computers, you have to press “Fn+PrtSc” and your current active window will be captured. These functions will save screenshots on your clipboard. After that you need to open the paint, then paste your screenshot with “Ctrl” + “V” and finally got the file and select the “Save” option to save it in your computer.

How to take a screenshot of your entire screen on Windows

If you want to take a screenshot of your full computer screen and want to save it automatically then all you have to do is press “Windows key+PrtSc” of your keyboard.


And then your Screenshot will be saved in Pictures > Screenshots

So, this is How to take a Screenshot in Windows, We hope that this article will help you. 


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