7 Best Free Names Generator for YouTube

By | October 19, 2019

Are you looking for some best free names generator for youtube?

Millions of new channels are launched every day on YouTube. In such, if you are also planning to start your youtube channel then you might be get stuck while choosing a unique name for your channel.

Therefore, it is best for you to find a unique and appealing name before starting your YouTube channel. To make it easy for you to find a unique name, in this post we are sharing some of the best and free names generator for youtube.

Through these tools, you can generate tons of brand name ideas that can help you find an ideal name for your YouTube channel.

7 Best Free Names Generator for YouTube

1. Business Name Generator


This is one of the best name generator that can help you find some really cool youtube names that aren’t taken yet. Basically, Business Name Generator is a site that has different types of name generators, including YouTube name generator, username generator and more.

To use BusinessNameGenerator, all you have to do is enter a keyword related to your channel category, then click on the generate button. Next, you’ll get tons of YouTube channel name ideas related to the keyword you entered.

For getting more accurate names you can also apply different filters to your generated results, such that you can choose your industry e.g gaming and set a character limit.

2. SpinXO


SpinOX is another best name generator through which you can generate a lot of name ideas for your YouTube channel. If you are planning to start a YouTube channel, then this tool will definitely help you find a perfect name for your channel.

To get started with SpinOX, all you have to do is enter a topic or keyword related to your channel category.
In addition to this, you will also see some other columns such as focus or niche, things you like, important words and more. All these additional columns are basically to help you find the exact results. Therefore, we would recommend you to fill other columns as well.

Once you have filled all the columns, click on the spin button. After that in a few seconds, SpinOX will generate lots of unique name ideas for you.

Remember, a single click on the spin button will only generate 30 name ideas. If you want more name ideas, click the Spin button again and again.

3. Names 4 Brands


This is a unique random brand name generator that can help you to find some creative youtube channel name ideas. It offers multiple customization options to generate name ideas.

On Names4brands you can generate name suggestions by using three customization options which are Ending words, Starting Words and Random.

To get started with names4brands, choose your desired customization option to generate name suggestions. For example, in my case, I chose the “Random” option.

After that, now in the random option, you will see two options which are “first word” and “last word”, in these two options we have to set some parameters such as start character, language and character count.

Once you have done all this, click the Generate Brand Name button to generate some killer names.

Immediately, within a few seconds, tons of name suggestions will be generated. All these generated names are made up of two parts prefix and suffix for which we set parameters.

Remember, through the random option, only random names are generated, they don’t contain any keyword of your choice.

4. Name Generator Fun


This site is especially for those who want to find a creative and fictional name for their channel. NameGeneratorFun offers many unique name generators that you have hardly heard of.

Its list of name generators includes Fairy Name Generator, Star Wars Name Generator, Fantasy Name Generator and many more.

If you know some popular YouTube channels like Pewdiepie and Dude Perfect, then you might be noticed that their name sounds very attractive when pronounced.

Similarly, if you too want a catchy name just like these popular YouTube channels, this tool will help you a lot.

5. Namenami


Namenami is another best site in this list that provides many random name generator tools. Their list of random name generators includes YouTube Name Generator, Fantasy Name Generators, Username Generators and many more.

Like other name generators, here you will not see any column to enter your keywords to generate a list of names. Namenami only offers random name generators, which means that a new name will be generated each time you click on the See Another button.

Namami has big sets of names that not only sound good but are also rhythmic in pronunciation.

6. Best Username Generator


Like its name, this is another best name generator that can help you find some attractive name suggestions. It provides various types of name generators including youtube name generator.

It can help you find some really cool name suggestions for your youtube channel. To generate sets of name ideas you just have to enter a keyword and set a character length. Once you have done all this, click the generate button.

Immediately, after a few seconds, tons of name ideas will be generated.

7. Name Generator 2


This is a random name generator that can help you find some catchy name suggestions for your YouTube channel. It generates thousands of names by combining relevant words.

To generate a YouTube name suggestion you need to click the Generate YouTube Name button. A new name will be generated each time you click the Generate YouTube Name button.

Apart from this, you can also add your prefixes and suffixes, after that whenever a random name is generated, it will contain your desired words.


A name matters the most for a YouTube channel. So, if you are planning to start your own YouTube channel, first find a unique name that is rhythmic and catchy when pronouncing.

Most people often get frustrated when choosing a name. In this case, these name generators for YouTube will help you.

With the help of these name generators, you can generate tons of name suggestions from which you can get an idea or you can use one of them as the name of your channel.

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