Blog SEO Tips: How to write SEO friendly blog posts

If you want to Rank your post on the first page of the search engines like Google, then you can do this by writing SEO friendly blog posts.

If you write SEO friendly content for your blog, then you will get more traffic and that’s great.

Here we are sharing some important tips with you to write SEO optimized Blog Post and to make them readable.

So, Read these tips carefully and I assure you that after reading this article you will definitely be able to write SEO optimized content for your blog.

Do Keyword research Before Start Writing

The most important thing you need to do before writing the article is Keyword Research. If you want to rank your articles in the first 10 results of search engines then you have to figure out the perfect keywords that are relevant, less competitive and have high searches. These are the words that you should use in your post.

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Tips For Writing SEO Friendly Blog Posts

Remember, before implementing these tips, you need to write great content. Because if you write useless content and are trying to rank it on Google, it will not work.

Therefore, before writing, do the proper research and try to understand the intentions of your readers about what they want. So if you look at these things then you will be able to write a good piece of content.

So, Let’s Focus On the Tips You should implement in your blog post.

1. Think Before Writing

Before you start typing, you will have to think about the message that you want to pass in your post. Find out all the potential questions related to your topic, which people mostly search for, and answer them in your blog post.

think before writing

Think of all the possible aspects that can help you write attractive content for your readers to be interested.

If your readers get all the help they need from your content, then they will definitely share your content.

2. Write in a Clear Structure

Always Try to Write your post in a clear structure. Like your every post should have :

  • Some Sort Introduction (which contains a short introduction to your topic);
  • Main Body (which Contains Main Message);
  • Conclusion (which contains some important ideas of your post or you can say the summary of your post);

Write down your post in these 3 makes your post readable.

3. Use Headings

Headings make our posts readable. If you write a long post then you can divide it into parts using headings for the comfort of your readers.

You can create different headings in your post it structures your article and makes them easy to read. Headings can be created using various simple tags like :

  • <h1> … </h1> – Heading 1
  • <h2> … </h2> – Heading 2
  • <h3> … </h3> – Heading 3
    Similarly up to Heading 6

In addition to making the article readable, Headings also play a key role in SEO too. Headings help Google to understand the main topics of your post, and in this way, they help you to rank your posts.

You can also use subheadings because they are also very important. Subheadings help your readers to find their way through your articles.

Make sure you use your targeted keywords in some of the heading and subheading.

4. Use Paragraphs

Use paragraphs and keep them shorter rather keeping them long. Your paragraph should be around of 5 sentences long.

The paragraphs increase the readability of your articles so that your readers can easily read and understand it. If you want your readers to stay longer on your post, then optimize the first paragraph of your article to grab the attention of your readers.

Don’t Forget to use your targeted keywords in the first paragraph of your article.

5. Optimize Your Article Length

Make sure your article contains at least 300 words. Google likes long articles and if you write long articles, then it is more likely that your article will rank on the first page on google.

Most of the articles which rank on Google’s first page contain more than 2000 words.

If you are thinking of writing long articles then before writing long articles, remember that your article should be easy to read and not too long, because if your article is too long and not easy to read then it might scare readers away.

Along with that don’t forget to use your focus keywords in your article.

6. Interlink with Previous Content

Interlinking plays an important role in SEO. This is a process of linking web pages, posts, etc of a site or blog through the links. the links which interlink the web pages, posts etc of a site or blog is known as internal links.

If you want your article to rank in search engine results, then interlink it with your previous Articles that are related to it

There are many advantages of interlinking, it helps to bring traffic to our old posts and also reduces the bounce rate.

Therefore, While writing a blog post, try to make a habit of linking your previous articles.

7. Optimize Your Meta Description

A meta description is a short description of your post that appears under your title in various search engines. It plays an important role in your post’s search ranking. Along with this, it also helps to draw the attention of people towards your post in search results so that they can click on your Post.

seo meta description

Therefore, you should add a meta description to each of your posts. Remember that your meta description should only be in 150 words or less.

When you add meta descriptions, make sure that your meta description should be creative and meaningful and also be sure to add your focus keyword to your meta description.

8. Use LSI Keywords

LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing keywords are the types of keyword related to your primary keyword. These keywords can help you to write SEO friendly articles just like your primary keywords.

If You use LSI keywords with your Primary keywords then Google’s algorithm will rate your content more relevant to the keywords you use and with that this will lead to a better and more accurate rankings

How to Find LSI Keywords?

There are many free and paid ways are available to find LSI Keywords But the Best and free way that I use and recommend you to use is Google.

google related queries

Just go to Google and type in your target keyword in the search bar and hit the search icon. When you scroll down the page, you will see related search queries. Those are LSI Keywords that you can use in your article.

9. Optimize Your Images

The images you use in your post also play an important role in SEO, but we do not pay attention to them. If you want to rank your post in search engines, then you have to optimize your image for SEO.

You can optimize the images by adding a keyword rich name and ALT tag to your images.

Whenever you add an image to your post, be sure to name it correctly and don’t forget to use your targeted keyword in the name.

Instead of using default image file names like, “imag001.jpg”, Use descriptive image names with keywords separated by “-” (hyphen). For example, “SEO-tips-and-tricks.jpg”.

The next important image optimization Factor is the ALT tag. The reason for using ALT tags is that web crawlers (or bots) can not see the Images, so to tell them that there is an image placed here and also to informs them about the topic of your image ALT tags are used. Example:- “how to rank on google”

10. Use Yoast SEO Plugin

If you are a WordPress user then Yoast SEO plugin is best for you. Analysis tool in the Yoast Plugin helps you write SEO-friendly and readable blog posts.

You need to start by choosing a focus keyword because this is the most important search term you want people to find this particular post for. Then Yoast Plugin runs all kinds of checks in your post to ensure that your post is well optimized or not.

yoast analysis results

Yoast Plugin checks your post to make sure whether you have used your focus keyword in the right places like your title, meta description, alt text, and URL, as well as it also checks the readability of your text.


So, these are some tips I use to write SEO friendly blog posts but besides these tips, you need to focus on your content Because Nowadays, quality content is king.

Good Content Leads to more social shares, backlinks, tweets, and visitors to your website.

So, try to write quality content and with that use these tips to maximize the SEO friendliness of your post.

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