What are Backlinks And Why They Are Important

If you are new in blogging and are struggling to rank your blog in search engines, then there are many blogs and people who advise you to learn SEO and I myself also advise you to do this, But many Bloggers who are learning SEO for the first time. They Often Struggle to understand the term “Backlinks“.

So, In this Post, I hope to offer you a clear understanding of Backlinks that What are backlinks, why they are very useful in SEO and how to get backlinks.

What are Backlinks?


Backlinks (also called inbound and incoming links) are the links that are directed towards a website. Backlinks are created when a website links to an external website.

They are one of the most important factor among the 200 factors which Google uses
to determine search ranking.

This means that if your site has a lot of backlinks then your site rank will be higher in Google search.

Why Backlinks Are Important?

Backlinks are very useful in SEO, but only if they are relevant and have from quality sites.
For example, If You have a blog about technology and you got a backlink from a food blog then that link will be of no use. Your target should be to get backlinks from High authority sites that are related to your blog’s niche Because Google pays more attention to those links who are from high authority sites.

Advantages of Backlinks

  • If your site is getting quality backlinks then this will help your site in getting Better search ranking.
  • They help in fast indexing of your site by helping the crawlers to discover links of your sites.
  • Backlinks help to get referral traffic. If your site gets backlinks from any other site then it will help your site to get referral traffic from that site.
  • Backlinks also help in building brand authority. The major search engines like Google consider backlinks as a good sign. They also help to build the trust of your site among the visitors.

How to get backlinks

There are several methods to get backlinks but one thing to remember is that always try to get backlinks from the High Authority website. And Do not get backlinks from spam, harvested and paid sites because they will not improve your search ranking. There are some relevant ways and techniques given below which you can use to get quality backlinks.

  • Always try to create quality content which is relevant to your audience, this will help you to increase your followers which will share your content on the social platform.
  • Start guest blogging on top blog’s, this will help you to get quality one-way backlink as well as traffic.
  • Use Broken-link building Methods to get one-way quality backlinks.
  • Spy on your competitors and look for their link-building techniques and their content-marketing methods.

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So, this is all about backlinks, I hope that this article offers you a clear understanding of Backlinks that What are backlinks and why they are important in SEO. In case if you have got any doubts regarding our post then be happy to write down in the comments section below.

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